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Matrix Reimprinting

The Matrix Reimprinting technique enables you to finally deal with these negative core beliefs that have been running your life 95-99% of the time and with laser-like accuracy to pinpoint where they came from and rewrite them quickly and easily. 


Did you know the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system? From our physical pains to the diseases we somehow end up with are all connected to our emotions.


Taking matrix re-imprinting to an even further and higher level for a much deeper, more profound healing.

We go there consciously to connect with our Higher Self and our guides, Angelic's and Light Family as they are on hand to assist you in your healing process.

Clearing all Past Life, Ancestral Timelines affecting you in the present as well as connecting with you future self to gain the wisdom and answers needed in the now


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Working with Derek in the Matrix sessions has changed my life. He’s sensitive and compassionate working with some


very deep and dark issues that had been ruling my life and debilitating my health. His guidance through the sessions,


even when I’ve felt a block has been reassuring. I now have much better energy levels, find my relationships are


healthier and the childhood programming that was really driving my life and decisions has all but disappeared. I feel


like I can be the real me. We’ve achieved this in only a few sessions which have been a revelation compared to many


years of off and on counselling that didn’t ever really shift anything.


I highly recommend Derek at EFT Matrix Therapies.

Angie A

Would I recommend EFT Matrix Therapies? Absolutely flipping YES. Friday we went on a journey through space and time whilst I encountered multiple previous (so interesting that predictive text wants to spell precious lives!) lives, to heal trauma and close unserving, unhelpful beliefs. A truly magical experience, one that you couldn’t write. Answers to deep-rooted questions appeared easily and effortlessly. Dez in an incredible, in tune, empathetic practitioner who’s gifts are to be experienced by many. If you’re considering any form of therapy with him, consider no more, put in the call and make the appt. Your soul will thank you for it 

Lynn B

I had an incredible session with Dez!!. He assisted me in going back to childhood trauma that I did not know affected me until we tapped back into that time frame. Dez assisted me in healing and transforming this event bringing love and forgiveness to all who were affected. I had an amazing shift, clarity, healing and great love fall upon myself. Such a blessing this time spent with Dez. Professional, accurate and fully present during our session. Highly recommend his work and experiencing a greater shift in your life from this work.assist.
Truly grateful big hugs and love brother

Garret P

Working with Dez has been absolutely life-changing for both myself and my son. EFT w/Matrix Reimprinting has given us the most amazing avenue to heal on a level I was not aware of and I've been in the healing field for almost 30 years. You will not find a more kind, loving, brilliant, powerful facilitator of this transformational healing gift. I call it a gift instead of work because it truly has brought untold blessings and incredible healing to our lives. So much gratitude to this wonderful soul Dez for being an integral part of our healing journey!!

Tina L

I have had some amazing matrix EFT therapy from Derek. He really is a true gift to this earth. After just one session I felt truly and undeniably uplifted with a new found confidence and excitement for life. He is not only amazing with matrix EFT but also a compassionate and understanding person with endless empathy and love. I highly recommend booking in with him, if you want to change your world for the better. He is simply the best!!

Victoria H-S

Working with Dez has been an absolutely remarkable experience and I am truly grateful for finding him. He is very compassionate, and passionate about what he does, and has gone above and beyond to work with me. I highly recommend him

Tim C

Dez is a true gift. Professional, and highly skilled at his craft. He helps one to feel safe enough to be vulnerable and get to the roots of what causes our pain, disease and feelings of imbalance. I highly recommend a session with him.

Cristina S

Genuine professional empathic skills
that work immediately... soulogy-one
highly recommends

Todd M - Soulogy One Studio's

Considerate and passionate about what they do..this healing was by far the most moving and amazing experience I have ever had..the sudden change and shift in energy was truly amazing..if you want someone who is passionate about what they do. I highly recommend global holistic healing therapies..i can't thank Dez enough for the amazing healing

Tara M

Dez is an absolute true gem and very rare to find in this world! He walked me through a childhood trauma that I was terrified to revisit. But with his guidance and holding space for me, I felt so safe and not judged. Something I kept with me for 40 something years I was able to look at and say it out loud. With Dez’s help, I experienced true transformation! Pleasure working with such a compassionate and lovely soul! 

Petra Z

I’ve known Derek a while and didn’t really understand what this matrix therapy was about! I knew he had done work with people to overcome fears but was sceptical until I started training as a telecoms engineer! I had to climb 11-metre poles as part of my training but thought I could do it until I got to the top n literally froze, shook n panicked like a child! I came home for the weekend dreading my following week of training knowing I would have to climb these poles possibly 15 times a day. I was a wreck! I thought let’s give this matrix thing a go as I have nothing to loose (apart from my job if I can’t get through the weeks training)! After an hour or so of tapping n going into the matrix (I never thought he would get me to that point!) I felt better but still so scared of the Monday coming! Long story short Monday came and my first climb was hard but nothing like the previous week! By the end of the day, I was flying up those poles like a professional! Massive thank you to Derek! I’m almost a qualified engineer now n I couldn’t have got here today without him!!

Hannah L