What is the light matrix? 

The Light Matrix is a place, as Dr Joe Dispenza would say is a place in "no space & no time" that great pool of conscious awareness.

It's that place where the very essence of your eternal self comes from, whether you see that as a dimension, a frequency or simply just as that part of you that was never separated from the source of all that is.

It's from this space we can heal, cleanse, clear, transform and re-write anything this is causing discomfort or a problem in your experience here in this lifetime.

The Light Matrix exists above and beyond all timelines, all past lives, present, future and other planetary lifetimes.

From this space, you are able to work easily and effortlessly in a very multidimensional way working directly with the quantum field.

We can clear trauma and negative belief patterns from past lives that are affecting you here in the present as well as clearing ancestral wounds, traumas, shame, themes and so on that pass down the generations of your family and until cleared and in doing so, all those that came before you are healed here too, so as you heal and free yourself you're also healing up and down the generational lines.

But what makes this space so beautiful and such a powerful place to be is that from this beautiful light high vibrational safe space of healing, you are able to have a connection and conversations with your Higher Self / Future Self, you're able to connect with your Guides, the Ascended Masters, Galactic Beings and really tune in and get the answers and clarification on so many things you may have questions too.

As well as loved ones who have passed over especially if it was a sudden loss, a great deal of healing and resolution can be found here and you're able to create a space in the non-physical where you're able to connect with them, say what you needed to say, heal what you needed to heal that couldn't be done at the time, and find peace in your heart and they often have beautiful messages to impart.

Once we've identified what it is you want to be working with, where the energy is within you and its dynamics, we then take our journey up into the Light Matrix where we will be working not only with the physical representation of yourself but we will be working with the first 4 layers of our being within the Light Matrix.

No matter the presenting issue it is one of these bodies that's holding it so from there we can use an array of amazing tools including tapping, colour, frequency, even bringing in Arch Angelic assistance and these issues all have their origin in a moment of freeze, of trauma and as such linked to a memory and a subconscious belief from there we can either go back to them in that time and space or bring them out of that situation and into the light matrix, moving them through the moment of trauma and releasing all that energy and creating a new empowering, fully loved, fully resourced belief that brings life-force energy to your life instead of one that drains and hinders it.

**Physical Body - Emotional Body - Mental Body - Spiritual Body**





Etheric Body 1st Layer, Physical  “Ether”  is the state between energy and matter composed of tiny energy lines like a sparkling web of light beams and holds the same structure as the physical body including all anatomical parts and all organs with a definite structure of lines of force, or “energy field matrix” upon which the physical matter of the body is shaped, the energy field matrix is the blueprint for which the body is created.



Emotional Body 2nd Layer, Is associated with feelings and follows the outline of the physical body and is more fluid than etheric coloured clouds of fine substance continually moving which extends 3” from the body and linked with the energy centres (Chakras) with colours form brilliant clear hues or dark muddy ones, depending on the clarity or confusion of the feeling. Clear high energized feelings such as love, excitement, joy or anger are bright and clear. Confused, fearful feelings are dark and muddy and often heavy and solid.
















Mental Body 3rd Layer, Extends beyond the emotional body and is composed of still finer substances and is associated with thoughts and mental processes. (Beliefs)  Usually appears bright yellow surrounding the whole body and becomes brighter when the person is concentrating on mental processes and extends 3” – 8” from the body containing the structure of our ideas. Thoughtforms have additional colours superimposed on them, habitual thoughts become very powerful that affect our life.


Spiritual (astral) 4th Layer, Is made of amorphous (without clearly defined form) clouds of colour which have the same set of colours as the emotional body but much more beautiful and infused with rose light of love and extends 1 ½ foot out from the body the energy centres are the same octave of colours as the rainbow of the emotional body the heart chakra of a loving person is full of rose light on the astral level when people fall in love, rose light can be seen between their hearts 



Screenshot 2020-05-23 at 23.39.24.png
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Having used this technique countless times now with clients all over the world, what I find truly remarkable is that it enables you to be able to rapidly and permanently heal and clear so much of the deeper issues without the actual need to be deep in the emotional memory of the issue you're working with.

Giving you space to enjoy the process and take charge of your own healing process whilst at the same time full resourcing the four energy bodies in beautiful and profound ways.


Here I've created tools for clearing generational trauma, accessing the great library and seeing what contracts on a soul level are in place, removing energetic attachments and far more.

The life-changing impact these sessions have for clients is truly astonishing 

and one I feel truly grateful to be able to witness.






* Soul Contract Review

*Negative Chord Cutting

*Life Lesson Review

*Spiritual Attachment Removal

*Surrogate Healing for Loved Ones

*Future Lifetime Manifestation/Creation

*Ancestral - All Aspects

*Recreating the Birthing Process






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