Firstly let me start by giving my heartfelt loving thanks and gratitude for your presence here you are truly appreciated and welcome always.

Looking back over my lifetime I have always been a healing soul, the one to offer compassion, to be the mediator, the voice of calm and reasoning from early childhood and that energy of unconditional love is with me always.

So one may have thought I would naturally walk into a lifestream that would be congruent with my loving, compassionate being, However, life had different plans and ones I now understand more deeply as I have walked my healing journey and come to illumine the dots that had been hidden from me up unto that point, thanks to years of inner work, healing and largely Matrix Reimprinting which continues to amaze me more and more every time I use it. 

I ended up spending just short of 17 years in the British Army, years I'll always be truly grateful for, as those experiences helped forge the being I am today and one I'm ever so grateful for, but ultimately early dices with death in Kosovo 2001 that were never tended to and brushed away became the source of my journey out of the Army and that of my greatest blessing.


My reconnection to my true self came through going through what one of the darkest times in my life when the beautiful soul I was with and shortly to ask to marry came to pass in her sleep as she laid there beside me and I remain eternally grateful for her presence in my life.


This was the beginning of my journey in......

Though it is my truly amazing partner of today that opened the doors for me to walk through as a beautiful beacon of light and without her love and unwavering support I could not be here today able to extend my love and this gift to the world so my love and gratitude for her and her love knows no bounds.

In this beautiful gift of life we will all walk our own paths, and each one different, all with our own lessons and trials to face, this is why kindness and compassion are so vital as we never truly know the path another has walked and what they are going through in any given moment, but more so kindness and compassion to yourself, it's like brushing of the teeth we should do it daily. 

What I wish to offer you is to make this journey for you a more pleasant one, an easier one, one where your inner environment is a place you love, cherish and embrace, where the outer environment can no longer pull you off centre and reflects the harmony that is within.

So you can start living life from the heart in joy and excitement, regaining all the energy back from traumas big and small of the past so you may be free of them and use that energy in the way you wish.



So all of that sounds Wonderful but how?


I use two methods. 

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping

Matrix Reimprinting 

So the Tapping (EFT) we use in a number of ways, for instance, the tapping allows us to literally tap into the subconscious

and in doing so we're able to access the specific energies, memories and traumas that are the undercurrent of our present-day issues be it Physical, Emotional or Mental, but more than this the tapping releases the freeze response from not only our subconscious which controls 95-99% of our daily lives, how we react and interact with the world around us but also on a biochemical level, it literally creates our reality, but we release it from our cells and organs too.
If we don't release it we hold on to it in the body and left can, will and does cause harm.


So you can see already it's an extremely powerful tool 

I'll teach you how to able to do this for yourselves, whether you're at home, on the go or so if you see another in need you'd be able to assist them in a beautiful way too 

The real magic however and the one that literally blows me and everyone I've worked with away is Matrix Reimprinting and for good reason 

Imagine being able to go back in time, to key events in your life and being able to change them

To be able to take trauma and change that to a positive, to change the perception and belief made in that moment of helplessness to a point of being strong, happy, supported and loved and fully resourced.

I've done this now for many and each time it's a true gift to see and witness the profound effects and changes in peoples lives and in themselves but also in those around them.

Want to know the really crazy part???

All our Subconscious beliefs and patterns are already in place by the age of  7

So we're for the vast majority running on programmes that no longer serve us and that we took on through other people be it, parents, teachers or other family members and from the perception of the 3-4-5 year old you who was just trying to learn and find their way in this world.


Even PreBirth


See how this can cause a slight issue? 

So with Matrix you literally go back in time with me supporting you and we go back and you are literally your own guardian angel for your younger self and go help him or her through that trauma, resourcing them with all they needed in that time and space.

Changing the pain and the upset to love and happiness and that has a truly profound ripple on effect right up to the present time.

This is beautiful work

The real question though is are you ready to let yourself heal

Thank you for your time 

Love, peace and blessings to you all 



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