Did you realise the cause of all negative emotion and thought-forms are a disruption in the body’s energy system? From our physical pains to the diseases we somehow magically end up with, are all connected to our emotions and experiences in early life.

If we don't learn to deal with our negative emotions, beliefs, patterns, they become major key contributors to our physical pains and diseases, which only seem to increase as we get older as our ability to keep them at bay starts to wane.

EFT provides millions of people worldwide every year with freedom from pain, diseases and emotional trauma and stress, that have been getting in the way of being able to live a free and happy life.

You could say EFT is a unique version of acupuncture but without the need for needles. Instead, you use energy meridian points (tapping points) on your body by tapping on them with your fingertips. 

EFT often works where nothing else has and will allow you to bring peace, balance and inner harmony back into your life where you thought it was not possible.

The beauty of the Emotional Freedom Technique is that you can use it anywhere to self manage and regulate in difficult and stressful situations.

For releasing stress and trauma and the effects of those on the body and mind there is nothing else like it.




Imagine what it would be like to be free from all the negative self-limiting core beliefs that are holding you back in your daily life, that affect everything from the way you feel day to day, every relationship you have, your work and what you attract to you on a subconscious level.

We hold on to stressful life events from our past, not just as memories but as specific energy that is locked within our bodies and subconscious.

The Matrix Reimprinting technique enables you to finally deal with and release negative core beliefs that have been running your life 95-99% of the time and with laser-like accuracy to pinpoint where they came from and rewrite them quickly and easily. 

This changes our relationship to our past and positively affects our emotional and physical health in the present in beautiful far-reaching ways. 

As any Psychiatrist or Psychologist will tell you when you experience a traumatic event, part of us breaks off and creates amnesia around this event to protect us, so we can manage to keep on living, imagine every painful emotion, pain, fear all running concurrently! We wouldn't be able to function.

In the Matrix, we go back to that expression of you, that you in that point in time in that memory that is still dealing with what you went through and together as a team so you, me and your ECHO as we call them, together we help them not only to move through that moment of trauma by using EFT on them but also take that memory which caused such disharmony in the mind and the body and we create a new memory, one of love, safety, empowerment and joy, fully resourced with all the tools they need to thrive

Because we're working on a subconscious level it changes everything energetically from that point forward through to the present and frees up all that energy that those traumas took to keep in place and releases it back to you to feed into happier, better things.

The emotional, mental and physical healing that comes from this work is truly profound.