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The Meridians not only feed vital energies to their related organs, but they also reflect any pathological disturbance in those organs, thus providing physicians with a convenient and highly accurate tool for diagnosis as well as therapy - Daniel Reid


Within you lays a vast latticework of energies and just like anything else in life if they aren’t taken care of things will go awry, it is hard for some people to imagine a physical pain in the body being caused by “energy” but at the molecular level that is truly all we really are, and our energy channels (Meridians) are highly tuned, highly sensitive instruments however that can get clogged up, blocked and even start running backwards so instead of giving us our life force energy warding off illness and so on they have the opposite effect, hence why having them in good working order, flowing properly and freely is such an essential part of being in good health.


So what can cause these life force giving channels to work improperly?

(you may not like this part)

Well, negative emotions, trauma, toxins within the system, other peoples coarse energy can directly affect yours. A good thing you can do easily and any time of the day is to just tap the K27 point (google it for a picture diagram) basically follow your collar bone into the middle drop-down around about an inch, just under the bone and it should feel quite fleshy and even sometimes if there’s a lot of build-up it can be tender if it does feel tender just be sure to drink plenty water. Tapping the K27 point is an easy and effective way of just getting them flowing in the right direction.


This is why EFT Tapping uses the meridian points as they are extremely potent and powerful tools we have that we can use, that we seldom hear about. So tapping as mentioned helps clear the blocked energies and emotions and helps them move and release and as mentioned above each meridian point corresponds to specific organs and emotions. In terms of signal disruption when we tap, we are sending a calming signal to the Amygdala, Hypothalamus Pituitary Adrenals that are responsible for the Fight, Flight and Freeze response that the red alert is over and everything is okay, so as we’re tapping on the negative emotions and in doing so releasing that energy from the memories and beliefs they are connected to, we are literally rewriting how we react to those triggers.


It’s how you can take someone with a lifelong intense phobia of frogs, snakes, rats even to the more obscure ones that are out there and within and 1:30hrs completely have that resolved and the phobia gone as the fear is released from the body on an energetic level but on a subconscious level the meaning we gave to it that caused that reaction the very first time we encountered it has been resolved on the subconscious level and as we operate from the subconscious 95-99% of our entire waking life so can see how using EFT Tapping using the Meridian acupressure points to release the energy and Matrix Reimprinting to rewrite the subconscious negative beliefs, just how an amazing system the whole Meridian energy system is and why it's so important to us as beings and how we can use it in our daily lives.


If Energy Work is something that interests you then I would highly recommend looking into a wonderful woman called Donna Eden - Author of ENERGY MEDICINE - Balancing Your Body’s Energy for Optimal Health, Joy and Vitality.

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