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Anxiety is a thin stream of fear trickling through the mind. If encouraged, it cuts a channel into the which all other thoughts are drained - Arthur Somers Roche 


Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping therapy is based in the same theory of that of Chinese acupuncture in that our bodies and including that of animals have pathways of subtle energy running through them called meridian lines which carry the flow energy through our whole system, you can imagine them almost as the veins of the body for energy flow, the creator of Emotional Freedom Techniques, Gary Craig, found that simply tapping on the ends of these highly sensitive energy points on various places on our body which correlate to specific organs and emotions, as well as bringing up the energy via talking of the negative emotions, physical pain, diseases, phobias and so one massively reduces the fight and flight response to certain triggers and scenarios be them real or imagined to the point where they no longer affect you.


EFT Tapping therapy brings together if you will, the ancient wisdom of the East with the subtle workings of the bodies energy system and marries it beautifully with modern psychology and neurology of the West, doing this work it rewires and rewrites those faulty, neural synaptic pathways from where in the very early stages of life where we made our first beliefs about ourself and the world around us that no longer serve us and have directly had a negative impact on our lives and helps us to install new, powerful, empowering beliefs.


Sometimes with EFT, it can just be as simple as having a cognitive shift that changes the whole perspective of an event, which frees that energy that’s been stored in the body so often the longest time which in turn allows the body to go into heal and growth instead of the survival mode we as a race in the modern age tend to spend most of our time, subconsciously looking for that Sabre-toothed Tiger that’s no longer there!! But until we let our subconscious in on that then it will play out survival mode as all it’s ever trying to do is keep you safe but it is extremely logical in function, so it does need your help from time to time.


Every smell, vision, taste, sensation, experience and emotion are logged in your subconscious even from before birth (yes we absolutely do make beliefs before birth, I’ve worked through them with people) it’s a truly amazingly powerful thing. All our subconscious beliefs though are cemented into the subconscious before the age of 6/7 years old, so you can see and understand why it’d be so vital to amend the logical brains programming and it’s all a very gentle and beautiful process 


EFT now has over 55 published and peer-reviews studies showing the efficacy of EFT and other Energy Psychology modalities, even being studied over the past decade by Harvard Medical School to show how brilliantly it works on a range of issues from Anxiety, Depression, Pain, PTSD, Trauma, Physical Symptoms, Phobias, Addictions, weight Loss and more.


It’s the finding the underpinning beliefs for any of these issues and releasing the trauma around it and changing the belief on the subconscious level the makes EFT and Matrix Reimprinting such amazingly powerful and beautiful tools.

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