Past Lives, how do we know if they are affecting our daily lives? Showing up in the fears, patterns and behaviours we express and deal with in this life and themes being played out by others in our life

How many have you had?

How far back do they go?

Have you always been a human when coming to Earth or have you expressed as something else?

These are all things we can easily find the answers to with Matrix Reimprinting

We have all had many many lifetimes and played many roles with each one teaching our soul something else, a different perspective and lesson. We've had ones of being incredibly wealthy and being bone poor barely able to survive, having great power and abusing it and being completely powerless as well as being the villainous perpetrator and the victim.

Each one teaching, showing us different aspects and giving us opportunities to grow 

You've also had beautiful joyous past lives too, not all of them have been traumatic but indeed quite beautiful and you can tune into these and gain wisdom to help you in this one.

It's these past life experiences that if certain aspects are not cleared and healed in those lives that carry over just as they do so with the ancestral lines. It's these imprints from those past expressions of self that carry forward and we get the opportunity to clear and heal in this one and they can show in any myriad of ways in our lives as they have indeed mine.

Fear of Loss - Fear of Betrayal - Fear of Intimacy - Fear of Rejection - Fear of Self Expression - Fear of Authority - Fear of Inferiority - Fear of Separation - Fear of Powerlessness - Fear of Failure - Fear of Death - Fear of Punishment.


which can be brought on by past experiences and triggered by people and experiences in this life cause by.

Negative events and experiences - Vows we made – I’ll never forgive him/her – I’ll never love again – I’ll never trust again - Beliefs we made – I was betrayed – I am responsible – I don’t deserve - The last thought we have before death often carries over - Curses we believe in - Promises we made to ourselves or others.

If this is something you've had a regression in and brought that trauma and awareness into this life-time and indeed your nervous system or is simply something you wish to explore further

Then feel free to get in touch via the contact page for a free consultation call and we can explore this and see when and where these things go back to and create powerful healing and resources for that expression of you in that point in time clearing and empowering your life here now in the present