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Matrix Reimprinting Makes a World of Difference

My role as your EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner along with you as we work as a team, as no therapist in the world knows you better than you do, the situations and experiences you’ve made it through, the emotional pain you’ve made it through and can truly realise and really understand how that felt within your being, but you do, and so does your subconscious, From the speed your heart was beating, the ph of your blood, the stress and cortisol levels, where you were, the smell, time of day, literally every conceivable detail was taken in.

So working together as a team using EFT to follow the energy and release it freeing it from you giving that life-force energy back to you, to help you move through points of trauma and identify the subconscious beliefs made in those times and recreate them anew with Matrix Reimprinting, creating the most empowering, freeing and healing scenarios possible so that version of you in that space and time who experienced what you did moves from a place of fear, pain and trauma to a space of feeling safe, loved, supported, strong and empowered and excited.


When we change what we made something mean subconsciously to a new empowering belief, it literally rewires the neural synaptic pathways, you are in every sense of the meaning, creating a new reality. You completely change your biochemistry, the profound impact of this literally can not be understated. You literally change the reading of the genes and rewrite your DNA/RNA to a higher vibration moving from stress and protection into healing and growth.


Think about this, daily we lose billions and billions of cells and for optimal health both physically and mentally we need to be accessing our natural state of healing and growth to effectively replace those we lose and to ensure we are getting good strong copies,  in the whole DNA/RNA process, DNA is the blueprint / RNA are the copies our cells need to replace parts efficiently and effectively. If we are constantly in states of stress (fight and flight) and the vast majority are in the modern world, that whole process is hindered, this is why it is so vital to take that time for you to unhook from the system and come back into your being, hence why things like EFT Tapping and Matrix Reimprinting are such vital tools, the beautiful thing with EFT & MR is once you’ve made those changes they are there, they aren't going away or fleeting, they are permanent.


So my job is to help you find those subconscious beliefs, it’s easy you’ll be surprised just how easy it is for us to find them and to help you release all the upset, trauma, negative patterns connected to them and help you create those powerful new empowering ones that enhance and enrich your life. 


when we work together time and the distance doesn't matter as we literally go back in time to the younger expression of you, as a guardian, a protector and we give them all the love, safety, support, and resource them not only to make it through what they did but come away from it happier, stronger, empowered and resourced to the hilt, with the knowledge you are always there and this literally changes the whole dynamic energetically of how life has played out since then to the present moment, and of course, being from of what once held you back, your whole future is elevated to a whole new level and one that you actively create.


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