A Journey Into the Magic of the Matrix

Here I'm inviting you inside a deeply moving Matrix Reimprinting session, into what one looks and feels like, into one man's massive healing journey with Matrix Reimprinting which is at heart an advanced form of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) that de-potentiates, reframes and rewires the subconscious mind as well as working on a quantum level as you work with your ECHO (Energetic Consciousness Hologram) who is basically the younger expression of you holding that trauma in place in that time and space, who's belief created in that moment of freeze and inescapability is playing out for you in the present causing the associated negative effects, be them emotional, mental or physical and in doing so helping them to clear and resolve these things at the deepest level, which in turn clears them from and for you in the present. Below is a summary of the first three sessions of six of a US Army Veteran named Rich. Enjoy.


Energetic Descriptors

(Language of the Subconscious in relation to specific trauma, the word trauma essentially meaning "Event Specific Biological Marker" - Point of encoding) Heavy, Blue triangle of sadness in his chest and head which later moved to his stomach. Never changed from sadness and remained blue in colour. Session Overview I was introduced to Rich Via Alexander Marks He’s a US Army veteran who came to me wishing to deal with Depression & Anger, in our initial consult during the conversation we talked about life in the Army, his upbringing mainly at the hands of his father. During the course of the conversation about life in the army and his role and of how the US Army exhibited poor man-management to such extremes so as to a soldier who's role was working in administration ended up in a frontline combat role. It was at this point the decision was made to work with this component first as when we went a little further into the conversation, Rich was unable to hold back the dam of emotion that had been suppressed in relation to losing his friends whilst they went out on patrol in the early hours of the morning. This is an extremely painful and sensitive subject for Rich as he’s the only one of his group, this brotherhood who survived and as such is living with extreme survivors guilt. Rich's intuition is extremely powerful however, as he knew well before even deploying that if he was to leave the compound gates he would have passed too, and not doing so was a condition of him actually being there, fought hard for prior to deploying. The session took nearly twice as long as a typical session due to the intense severity of Rich's experience, this had previously been coped with by subduing with alcohol and deep avoidance at any cost, this wasn’t until in a hardware store an individual had made a real threat on Rich's life (warrant of arrest out for this man currently out for the mentioned individual) this threat of life triggered all the pain, all the unhealed, un-dealt with anguish incumbent within the spectrum of his PTSD brought on by his wartime experiences, this incident brought all this right back up to the forefront, and as you can imagine it was far too much to be able to bare, cope and function with. During the session we stopped many times as we needed to for Rich to be able to recompose and come back into a state of balance and calm so we could proceed further, one helpful tool we used was Heart Breathing whereby placing the hands on the heart space and breathing in through the heart and out through the heart in a 4-4 rhythm whilst using positive reinforcement words like, ‘Love, Peace, I am safe’ and so on, these are personal to the individual. We used this technique possibly more than 15 times in this one session, however, that was the need as the severity of Richards internal pain emotionally was physically palpable.

We used EFT to desensitise the intensity around the subject, this took about 6 rounds and in stages as we would have outbreaks of intense emotion which were welcomed and helped on with heart breathing and talking about good memories so as to distract the mind and bring him back to a workable state of being for which to proceed. Once I felt we were at a place where it would be safe for Rich to enter the Matrix I consulted with him and he expressed he felt ready to do so, we went over the strategy a number of times, really hitting home we don’t become our ECHO (Energetic Consciousness Hologram) we’re there to assist them and help them better cope in that situation they are currently living through and release the trauma and fully resource them in that time-space reality. Rich did extremely well in the Matrix, able to see and express and narrate the goings-on and pick out details, this helped to assist him to be the observer and not become ECHO Rich, however, although he didn’t become his ECHO, he was overcome with great emotion a number of times to the point we needed to come out and recompose gently with plenty of positive reinforcement and gentleness. For Rich it was the seeing himself in that situation, living that ordeal, in the briefing room and seeing himself upon receiving the news of his closest friends passing due to an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) There in that Briefing room we cleared it of all people apart from one SGT who was good with Rich, we froze him but he was there as a friend and as support, we tapped on ECHO Rich, ECHO Rich responded to being Tapped on extremely well, Rich was able to help go in de-traumatise to a good degree in that situation, we felt that, that particular environment was maybe not the most conducive room to bring ECHO Rich into a place of love, peace, acceptance and Resolution, so we moved to a Dam near to the location, it was a space where the 4 of them used to spend a good amount of time together just being and talking about home and what they’re going to do when they get back. This felt like the ideal place to help Rich & ECHO Rich reconnect with his lost friends and to gain the resolution needed and to say and express all that he needed to voice internally, a lot of the pain was internalised as shock and the suddenness of it, in a split moment the guys he’d bonded with as brothers, with a true and genuine love for, were gone because of a preplanned attack on their lives. During Matrix a lot of love and compassion was felt and peace was gained for Rich and ECHO Rich. Upon that Dam, as mentioned they would talk of going home and what they’d do, so we went to a time where that took place, although this wasn’t a reality that happened and did step slightly away from actual events, this for Rich's ECHO was the right move. We went to a party where all the guys had on T-shirts they’d designed with their units logo on the front, they wore aviator glasses, had beer and cigars and Otis Reading’ ‘Sitting on the Dock of a Bay’ Playing in the background a very Top Gun feeling vibe to the scene and of course they were plenty of girls there. This was the first time during our first session together an air of peace and relaxation and calmness had descended over Rich. Rich & ECHO Rich were able to get peace and resolution from this and able to accept the events of the past. There is a lot more work to do here and this of course is the first port of call as we enter the Matrix again on Tuesday (one weeks time) Rich reported via FB about 1 - 2 hrs after the session that he felt good, he felt happier and lighter than what had been of late, so progress is being and has been made, this cannot be a rush and squeeze in as much as possible into one session as this truly is an extremely sensitive issue but Rich made great, great strides and going off the success of his first time in Matrix and using EFT he’s only going to accelerate tremendously We didn’t touch on beliefs made during this session as it didn’t feel right to approach that question, Rich's ECHO needed closure and a chance to say "I love you and I miss you" and the chance to say goodbye and this was done but more work is needed so we can bring the subconscious to a place where the party and the guys going ‘HOME’ makes sense and we have complete resolution, there's no timescale on healing nor should one ever be made. Rich has a kind heart but is a soul who’s been through a great deal not only through his ordeal in the US Army but likewise with his abusive upbringing at the hands of his father, as we go back we’ll go back using ‘following the energy’ technique which wasn’t used here to find an earlier time as the healing needed to take place in regards to the above first. At this moment I’m not willing to intuit the belief system that’s in place for Rich in relation to these events as they could be vast and wide but I would say his father has a hand in them and quite possibly in him joining the Army, which then led to more traumatisation. Time will tell, however, I fully believe Richard to make fantastic strides and really start to gain inner momentum and inner peace and forgiveness, many many many facets to this but as always ECHO Rich shall lead the way.

SESSION TWO Energetic Descriptors None, as we directly re-entered our first sessions Re-Imprint in the Matrix to check on ECHO Tim and if any further aspects were present for us to work through. Channelled message for Tim This was given to me as I wrote up Tims first Session Report on 01/11/19 To live for them In Honour of them Make us Proud We love You Always with you Also, there was a suggestion of a Tattoo (Tim was booked on 06/11/19 to get a tattoo)

Session Overview

In this session we checked in after a short catching up of how Rich had been over the weekend and the tone was fresh and light and of a happy nature, no currents of anything being bad, be it thoughts, emotions or otherwise. To start the session we agreed to check back in on the last sessions Re-Imprint as this is where we left it, I explained to Rich that although this was perfect for ECHO Rich to be there at that party, it wasn’t a place for them to be for the rest of time it had to follow a natural stream and part of that was allowing the guys to pass on, to let them go not just within himself but energetically for them as well. From the party, Rich asked ECHO Rich to take him to where they all needed to be to finally say goodbye and a final letting go of. They were then in a scene with ECHO Rich and Merlin (Best Friend) sat together as the sun was setting, Merlin with his arm around ECHO Rich not really speaking but just sat there in their quiet knowing and love and eternal respect for one another, I felt the sun setting on the both of them especially with the context of the session and with the events that took place were quite symbolic and very fitting and perfectly played out for Rich to gain the greatest easement in one, allowing himself to say goodbye but also be at peace with it, with being able to finally say goodbye and the boys holding Rich and letting him know they are ok they are happy and that they love him and will always be with him, I also let Rich know this is a place he can always come back to if needed.

When we came out of the Matrix after that scene we checked in and Rich reported that now when thinking of the boys it’s just love, he’s easier with it and he’s not choking on guilt that he is still here which is a truly beautiful thing as Rich is making amazingly fast progress and movement in session. After a moment to realign, I explained to Rich, rather than going where I think we should go or where even Rich himself thought, although if Rich was adamant there was somewhere he wanted to go then, of course, we would pursue that channel as it's coming up for a reason but I explained about the ECHO knowing far more than we could about the healing process and where we needed to go next than we do and Rich was more than happy to go with this suggestion as he said in his words “I'm following your lead man” So as mentioned before in the previous session report, Rich’ relationship with his father was not an outwardly loving kind one, it was constantly fraught with anger, frustration, violence and real unkindness. There was abuse in the household from a very early age and his dad's girlfriend was described to have been 10 times more callous and evil than his dad, so as you can imagine this didn’t provide a safe, warm loving supportive environment for which to grow and thrive. The scene we were taken to was one of Rich being by his father's bedside as he was ill and coming to the end of his life, this was obviously a time in which his father had time to reflect and remorse and guilt had set in, so wishing to try to make amends his father asked his other two sons to leave the room so he could talk to Rich, Rich reported feeling great fear and trepidation when his brothers left the room as he’d expressly asked for them to not leave him alone in the room with their dad, I think it’s worth mentioning this is Rich as an adult who’s been in warfighting situations and has travelled all over the globe on his own, this is indicative the magnitude of fear his dad that had been instilled in him. By his father's bedside, his father begged him for forgiveness realising his wrongs and I would imagine the pain his actions had caused, although inside he at that time couldn’t forgive his dad for the things that had happened and the cruelty he’d had to endure, Rich did, however, relay to his dad that he did so, so he could pass feeling that to some measure he’d managed to put right some of the wrongs. There was a great deal of pain around his dad and I believe there’s still a lot of work to be done as this was a lifelong pattern they’ll be more aspects to be taken care of as we go forward. I asked Rich to take us to a time where it was just him and his dad and we were taken to a time where Rich was 5 years old and very confused as to why daddy didn’t love him. Over the course of Richs life even in his late teenage years, he’d tried in earnest to work things out with his dad to understand why they never connected, why he was so cold and cruel to him, however, his father would never allow those lines of communication to be opened up until he was ready to transition from this world. So in this scene, we went straight in and froze dad, and screened him off so ECHO Rich couldn’t see him and Rich introduced himself to ECHO time who was grateful and relieved to have him there, Rich immediately started using EFT on ECHO Rich to bring him down to a state where he could feel safe and at ease and able to communicate without the fear of dad reacting.

ECHO Rich as the young boy who was constantly in fear didn’t understand why dad was the way he was, he didn’t feel safe and didn’t feel loved, during the scene Rich took to using EFT and reassuring ECHO Rich and helping him to understand non of this was ever his fault and he wasn’t to blame, these were daddy’s problems and daddy didn’t know how to express love and emotion but dad does love him and he is loved and he’s worthy of love. Once both I and Rich were happy ECHO Rich was in a much happier place we asked ECHO Rich if he’d like us to go help daddy and he agreed, so we created for ECHO Rich an impenetrable sphere around him of the most beautiful golden white, pinky light and in that bubble he could do and be anything he could imagine it was the most magical, amazing safe space for him to play and feel safe, then we moved on to dad. We decided at this point that a change of scenery would be a good call, something that would be a better healing environment and illicit the recall of happier times and in this space, we brought down around us a wonderful healing energy and colour to permeate the whole area. We were taken to a woodland scene where a fire was lit and this was a place Richs dad would have taken them, although they were not close, he would still bring Rich along, but Rich was very aware that he was the hanger-on, the one on the outside. Here we unfroze dad and although his dads ECHO wasn’t resistant to Rich and would allow him to tap on him he was unsure within himself as he held a lot of guilt and remorse (bare in mind he'd passed over at this time, and we'd brought in his dads energy into this scene), so Rich again used tapping, this time on his father to bring him down, to release the locked up trauma and emotions that he’d been holding onto this whole time whilst physically on the planet only coming to terms with his actions at the very end of his life, once his father was in a better place Rich and dad worked through what they needed to work through, tears were shed but also smiles and weight lifted. Rich's dad didn’t go into his history and we didn’t think it was wise to bring in Nan or Granddad, more so granddad as there seems to be some untold history there and possibly a generational theme playing out. We got to a point where Rich and dad were in a good place so we then spoke to dad and asked him if he thought it’d be a good idea to speak to ECHO Rich so as to give him the love and resolution and understandings he needs so he can be at peace and release all that energy and confusion that was there currently and he readily agreed to do so. So we went back to ECHO Rich in his beautiful sphere and Rich explained to him that we’d helped daddy and he’s okay and it's all safe now and there’s no danger and ECHO Rich was ready for this so we went to the woods. During this time although there were tears from Rich, there was also laughter as he couldn’t get ECHO Rich to speak to him as he was too busy running around the campfire laughing so when ECHO Rich was ready, Dad had Rich on his knee and held him gave him the love he so desperately needed as a child and explained none of how he was, was ever his fault and that he was truly sorry for all the pain he’d caused him and that he loves loves loves him so much. Here we were able to bring Rich to a space where he felt he could forgive his father, there’s still more aspects to work through but the fact he could release all the emotion and fear around his dad and forgive him in this session was amazing and truly a statement to the man Rich is and his heart and it takes courage and strength to do such things, he really should be quite proud of who he is as a person. We were getting ready to re-imprint a beautiful scene of dad and little ECHO Rich in the woods just them two and then out of the blue and truly unexpectedly another ECHO of Richs entered the scene so from Teenager ECHO Rich's perspective he’d have entered the scene and saw 5yo ECHO Rich, Present-day Rich and Dad, dad being nice, calm and loving and joking around. It’s safe to say TEEN ECHO Rich was scared, confused and freaking well and truly out and in need of some help. We don’t know why TEEN ECHO Rich entered the scene but the subconscious felt this was important and necessary for the healing process when these things happen and this was a first for me but when these things happen we don’t question them, we don’t try to “fix” them they are there for a reason so we froze Little ECHO Rich and Dad and settled down TEEN ECHO Rich, tapping on him, reassuring him and explaining what’s been happening and that he’s safe, and dads safe and he loves him and its all okay and he’s loved and there’s never been a time when he’s not been so, but dad had his troubles and was struggling and doing the best he could do. Dad and TEEN ECHO Rich and Little ECHO Rich & Dad had a lovely scene, there was just love and happiness and forgiveness of what had been. So we set to re-imprint all this love all this joy all the peace and state of being at ease and really really brought up all the sounds, scents, colours, textures absolutely everything to the highest we could get them and Re-Imprinted and sent that out powerfully into the universe with the understanding that Rich was to reflect on this daily to really bring this into his subconsciousness patterning and build those new neural connections which he absolutely understands and I believe he'll do.

SESSION THREE Energetic Descriptors Descriptors this week were a heavy dark black hatred/anger in his chest and head scaled at a 10/10. Rich wasn’t able to give me any other attributes whilst we were preparing for the setup statement, however, it was visible and palpable the intensity of dislike he’s held for such a long time within himself for her (Step Mother)

Session Overview

In the session this week with Rich we started with having a catch up on how his week had preceded, I was very pleased to receive that Rich has indeed been in a great place and has now elected to purchase property in Alaska roughly 2hrs from his current location, it’s warming to see as you can see he’s very excited about what’s to come and the future and the direction that it’s taking, that heavy dense cloud that was causing so much pain finally leaving. In regards to the past sessions in terms of lost friends with the IED incident especially Merlin and with his father there appears to have been great progress made and this showed a great deal in that this week Rich had about an 80-90% reduction in breaking down and when mentioned and talked about he was in and throughout in a calm relaxed manner going back to the very beginning of our work together this is a remarkable leap forward and truly inspiring and gratifying to see. In this session, we focussed on the relationship with ‘Elaine’ (Step-Mother) The only real way to describe the situation Rich had to live through from day one with Elaine being in the home and in the mother role and we can only use that term mother role lightly and only for the purposes of naming the figure she was to be, not the one she played out, however, it could only be cast as hellish for anyone to live through physically, mentally & emotionally. Rich at present can only refer to her as pure evil and we’ll go into details shortly, beginning the session we conducted 7-8 rounds of EFT purely on the Hatred towards Elaine, the SUDs (Subjective Unit of Distress) was beyond a 10/10, we have to understand she was in and of herself the driving force for the pain, fear and disharmony within the house for Rich to a great degree.

We worked the rounds of solely EFT on the attributes given and we reduced them to an 8/10 which is a great start, given the level of anger Rich's been holding within, during the EFT rounds they were some tears but no breaking down as in previous weeks. As Rich was relatively calm after we conducted a few rounds of heart breathing, which is now the norm before we enter the Matrix to go to work, we came up with our strategy for how we were going to handle the situation with Elaine soon as we go in. First however and with all sessions it's ever so prudent to go back in and check in on previous re-imprints and check in on the scene and ECHO’s and see if there’s something else we need to take away from it, is there another aspect that wants to present itself in regards to the events that took place, so we checked in with firstly Dad in the woods by the campfire and all was fine peaceful and calm and the same was true for both TEEN ECHO Rich and LITTLE ECHO Rich so we decided to leave this scene as nothing else was wishing to present at this time. With the level and intensity of the anger, Rich has held I felt he needed to be able to vent to just get that first expanse of energy out, because once it's out, it is out and no longer in him, as a child, he’d never had a voice, never been heard or allowed to express so here we gave him that opportunity without fear of reprise. We made Elaine completely inert and not a threat in any way shape or form as she had been whilst she was in the role she held, I think it's worth noting Elaine is still on the earth plane and from what I understand still is, as she was back then, so for Elaine she doesn’t seem to have moved forward in herself. So in this space, Rich got off and out of his chest what he needed to in that present moment. One prominent scene for Rich was one of the very first time Elaine had been in the house alone with the kids (Rich & Brother) now Rich and his brother had always done their own meals and laundry from a young age as it was just them and their dad and I’m still to understand as to why their real mother wasn’t around. However, in this scene, Elaine was adamant she was doing the laundry and told the kids “I'm your mother now” and Rich explained they had always done it, so even in this what seemed like a nice thing to do, in the landscape of the boys was taking power and independence away. So being the adult being 27yo at the current time she went to do the laundry but instead of washing powder, she used bleach and by all accounts a good amount of it so as you can imagine when the cycle had finished and the clothes were brought out they were completely destroyed so upon discovering this Elaine took to denying she even did the washing and it was the boys who had poured bleach on their own clothes, fast forward to dad coming back from a long day at work remembering dad was already a fired up kind of guy naturally, Elaine was straight to him to report that the boys had poured bleach in the washing machine and from there Rich was on the receiving end of a vicious beating, this was when she realised she could actually get away with such things and was to be the catalyst for all else that would follow until Rich left the home at 18 and joined the Army. This for Rich was the start of it all in the house in regards to Elaine, there had been violence from dad previous to Elaine's arrival in the house and a certain scenario played out, we shall go to later. We decided this first event as it was the start of everything would be the one for us to go back into and work with, we brought dad in, remembering now the relationship between Rich and dad has taken energetically a massive upshift, so we brought dad in and he was a bit perplexed as to why he was here and what this was all about, so I had Rich do some EFT on dad and just settle him and bring him into a peaceful state and said there was something we needed him to see and he agreed to it so we put 2-way glass in front of Richs dad so he could see the scene but he himself could not be seen by Elaine. We then played out the scene with Rich and dad behind the screen and ECHO Rich and Elaine running through the scene as it happened in real-time, during this point dad was in absolute disbelief and his words to Rich were ‘How, how does someone get to that age (27) and not know the difference between bleach and washing powder/liquid’ so we skipped the washing cycle and brought the scene to the point where they had discovered the clothes were damaged beyond use and she prepares to blame it on the kids saying they did this. However dad had been with Rich and seen the whole event play out and as soon as she realised she had made the mistake set to blame it on Rich knowing full well he’d have taken a beating because of it, dad this time knowing what had played out, stopped her and told her he knew what had happened and still in the face of that she was still trying to lie, saying it wasn’t her and it wasn’t her fault and this seemed to carry on till she realised she couldn’t lie out of this and admitted it was her and that she was afraid of being made to look stupid and be embarrassed, she was given a stern briefing from dad in that instant NEVER to lie about his boys ever again and if she did she was gone. Between Rich, ECHO Rich and dad there was a lot of hugging & deep apologies for not listening and he didn’t know, you could really feel the remorse from dad, in not believing his son. There was one time where dad did act in defence of Rich and this was many years later but she had just got a lust for it, seeing the boys hurt and having that power and control, but this time she took it far too far and without dad knowing, she took it upon herself to beat Rich, now Rich was getting daily beatings from dad, so constantly living in a state of fear, upset and feeling a complete lack of love and support. This time though she'd beaten Rich with a thick heavy belt from top of his shoulders all the way to the base of his spine, he was unable to lay on it and every time he wanted to express to his dad he just got told to ‘shut the fuck up’ ‘get out of my face with your bullshit’ basically he didn’t want to acknowledge her misdoings, so this time Rich just walked into the room lifted his top up and walked out. He told Rich to go to his room and stay there and then went to get Elaine to drag her into the living room and had an explosive oneway conversation, but this seemed to be the one and only time Rich was supported in regards to the continual abuse he suffered. I mentioned earlier that the violence Rich received in his childhood came before his stepmother walking into the home one such event took place at a Catholic school he went to as a child, I feel it's important to enter this as it eludes to an underlying belief that could be at the root of why these things have always seemed to happen to Rich. At this school there was a disabled boy who unfortunately had been at the hand of merciless bullying by other kids, so all the kids had been rounded up and given the gypsy's warning that the next person to cause this boy distress was going to be expelled from school, Rich had no interactions with this child but knew of him. In the background 3 other kids set about making the disabled boy think that Rich had been bullying him and calling him names even though Rich himself had had no run-ins with him or crossed words, but with these boys putting it into his head and convincing him that Rich had been, the nuns got hold of Rich in the office and demanded answers and of course this was new to Rich and he was baffled and in complete disbelief, so the nuns expelled him and had his dad come to collect him. Soon as they entered the car Rich received a fierce backhander from his dad which cut him under the eye because of his dad's ring and when he turned his face to hold that side he received another on the other side again causing the skin to split. Rich was from that point on in his room alone with nothing, no toys, books, music. he was fed twice a day but his dad would come in and demand he admitted he was the one who did what was said against him and when he was “It wasn’t ME I didn’t do it” he then received and unworldly beating at the hands of the one man in the world who was meant to protect him this went on 2-3 times a day for a week until the point where Rich was broken and his dad came in and Rich was ok ok ok I’ll tell them it was me, I’ll tell them I did it. It was 3-4 days after Rich could go actually into school he had been beaten that much so he needed time to recover.

However when in school and in the nun's office he made it extremely clear to the nuns he was lying to them as such “I AM lying to you right now, I want you to know I am lying, but I can’t take it anymore, SO YES I did it, I said those things, but I am lying, but you have your answer” I believe we’re starting to zone in on the main underlying belief that has these situations playing out for Rich over and over again, remember Rich is extremely tuned in, look back to the 1st session, where months before actually deploying he knew, KNEW, that if he’d gone out those gates he’d have been killed, didn’t know when or where but he knew, so his ability to foresee, feel and know, is powerful so if we bring that into terms of subconscious programming playing out in his life then we can start to see just how precarious a thing that could be and evidently has been for him in his lifestream thus far. At some point and I feel it could be very early on, I feel Rich was telling the truth about a situation and he wasn’t believed and he got punished and going by historic dealings probably beaten as well, these beliefs could be “I always get in trouble even when it's not my fault”

“ I always get the blame when it wasn’t me”

Now I’m not saying Rich as a child was a saint, but being a child that was hit and ridiculed and called all manner of demeaning, emasculating names, all you want to be able to do is survive and keep your head down with as little friction as possible. Undoubtedly they will have been plenty of things Rich got up to, as any young boy alive will. For Rich to be where he is today as the man that he is a true testament to his character. Once dismissed from the office Rich as you can imagine after taking aggressive prolonged beatings for a week, was pissed off and wanted answers as to WHY these three boys had done what they had done and to see the damage they had caused, once Rich had them all cornered demanding to know what in the name of **** did they think they were doing when they said what they said and caused the whole scenario and their answer was a blasé "we just wanted to see if they would actually do it" You can imagine Rich's anger and dismay.

So we managed to clear this episode rather quickly, again we’re getting dad to see and recognise the extent of all that had happened and having Rich show he wasn’t a bad child that had to be beaten and in showing this getting him some reprieve and resolution on finally being vindicated of the things he had never done. We took Rich and ECHO Rich to the nun's office and had everyone frozen apart from ECHO Rich, this includes the three boys, we hadn’t at this point brought in dad. As you can imagine ECHO Rich was feeling confused, scared and nervous so we had Rich do a few rounds of EFT on ECHO Rich to settle him down to release and clear some of that energy and when he was happy we brought in dad, dad, as you can imagine, was shocked initially at being brought into the scene and immediately took a defensive stance as he didn’t know what was going on but Rich explained things to him and why he was here and again did some rounds of EFT on dad to calm him and we explained there were things Rich in the present needed him to see and he was happy with that, so as we did in the last session with the two-way glass we had him view the whole scenario playing out. Only this time we had the three boys in the head nun's office and confessing to their actions, that it wasn't Rich who'd been cruel to the disabled boy and in this more healing and resolution came for Rich & Dad as he realised the extent to which things had taken place and how much he had suffered at the hands of others unjustly. After this session 3 more followed, each one building on the other and clearing much further and deeper, he went from a space where he wanted off this earth, where he was constantly in a state of extreme anger and in regards to the individual who sparked the event that led me and Rich working together, he reported he was about to put a hammer to him, and not being able to go for more than initially 5 minutes without breaking down and in great amounts of emotional pain to a place where the light and joy had returned, his eyes were vibrant and he took off travelling on his own across Asia for a number of months literally living a dream. Thank you for reading

A great deal has been omitted from this, as well as names and locations changed, but I think it shows not only the power and rapidity of Matrix Reimprinting but the love, grace and level of profound healing that comes from such a gentle process Thank you for taking the time to share in Rich's journey I have recently spoken to Rich to catch up and obtain permission to share his powerful story and it literally fills my heart with absolute joy to tell you a year and a half later he's literally the happiest he's ever been, life is working out amazingly for him. If you'd like to speak please feel free to book a nice easy free discovery call I'd also like to take this time to convey my deep gratitude and thanks to Karl Dawson, the EFT Founding Master for his guidance, his training and for bringing this beautifully elegant yet incredibly powerful tool to the world. You Karl utterly changed my life and for that, you have my eternal gratitude.