A Quickstart Guide to EFT Self Tapping

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

EFT Tapping is easy to learn however it will take time to truly master and not something you can learn by simply reading a book, it must be observed, felt and the re-observed from a different perspective and every experience of it will be different from the last. Realistically whether you are working solely on yourself or working on another, a quiet gentle space where you are not going to get disturbed for the duration of the session is essential. The Basic Tapping Technique

Step One: The Problem Identifying the problem that you want to feel better about and be set free of, be it physical or emotional, tune in to how the issue makes you feel, what emotions are connected to it? How the issue or thought of the issue makes you feel, do you feel tightness in the chest? Sickness in the stomach? These sensations will have a location so we identify that and the shape, the weight, colour, texture and the emotion attached to it. These are what we call the energetic descriptors. Example: "I have this tight blue heavy rock/ball/cloud/sludge of anxiety in my chest"

Step Two: Scale-out of 10 Once we've identified the characteristics it's important we check in with how strong an energy/emotion/pain we are working with so we have a starting point and somewhere to refer back to see how and if shifts are taking place. We call this the SUD's scale this stands for Subjective unit of Discomfort, the scale being 0 - 10, with 0 being absolutely fine, all is good and right in the world and 10 being worst possible case scenario. Don't worry if a number doesn't naturally come to mind, your subconscious will naturally help you out here as it will with step one, the trick is to come out of the thinking mind and into the heart and just try to let the answers come up for themselves - Some people have difficulty associating a colour, shape and indeed a number to the sensations, but the subconscious will bring them up for us. If you are struggling, allow yourself to guess, this takes the pressure off you and again this will allow the subconscious to work its magic. If you are finding resistance to this, ask yourself the reason why? What is the benefit of not getting better? How does it serve me to not heal and not get better? What is the benefit of this? The answers will come.

Step Three: The Set-up Statement

We use this as a way to connect and say hello to the problem but also accept where we are at and what is present within us before moving forward into it and taking care of the issue, a good set up statement needs to be specific, rather than a global one, it helps us tune in more to it and really connect at a deeper level, which is what we want and need to do, to really get to the crux of the matter, whilst saying your own phrases tap on the fleshy part of the hand just underneath the little finger, what you would call the "Karate Chop" point and just gently tap whilst speaking aloud or in your head.

Examples of Global VS Specific set up Statements:

∞ 'Even though I feel low' versus 'Even though I've got this heavy blacky grey sludge of sadness in my stomach'

∞ 'Even though I have this pain' versus 'Even though I have this red, sharp stabbing, angry feeling pain in my shoulder' ∞'Even though I'm angry' versus 'Even though I have this black tight anger pricking my heart like spikes and I'm furious' The more you fine-tune the feeling, thought, emotion and the energy of the problem the more successful you'll be in dealing with it. So when doing it for yourself it'd be something along the lines of: 'Even though (----> insert your own words here <----) I love and accept myself anyway' You can build on this, remember the wording has to feel right for you! For me for example it'd be as such: 'Even though I have this dark blue anger in my chest and it feels static electricity, I deeply and truly love and accept myself anyway' Some people may have a hard time expressing the word love in regards to themselves, so in these instances, we can use 'I can choose to love myself in this moment' or simply 'I'm OK', when doing this work it's essential to use the words that feel right to you if it doesn't feel right or safe for you, and that's the important bit here the feeling of it if it doesn't feel right then change the wording to something that does but yet supports you in moving through any particular issue. It's important to honour yourself and keep it true to you.

Step Four: The Reminder Phrase

We need a reminder phrase that is basically a shorter version of your set up statement as we start tapping through the various meridian points which we'll come onto next, so let's say your set up statement was 'Even though I've got this dull grey fear in my stomach' you wouldn't want to be repeating "dull grey fear" over and over again on each tapping point, you'd grow tired of it rather quickly and you need to be able to move from it with ease, so it wouldn't serve the flow to repeat in full all the time. An example would be "This fear', 'This dull grey fear', 'All this grey fear in my stomach', 'Dull grey fear in my stomach" You can see how this is very global and repetitive, this is why we get the energetic descriptors we do so you're able to utilise more, get more specific and as you go through it things will come up that you can use and add in as things start to make themselves known. As you do this more and more, you will intuitively know how to word it for yourself and what feels right, remember it's all about the feeling. Words without feeling hold no power for us, we need to be connected to the issue as opposed to just mouthing the words and not really being in the room with it.

Step Five: The Tapping Points

We start from the top and work our way down as we go through the reminder phrases and these are soft gentle unrushed therapeutic touches on the points.

Top of the Head (TH) - Four fingers on and around the crown.

Inside the Eyebrow (IE) - Bridge of the nose meets the curve of the eye by the eyebrow.

Side of the Eye (SE) - On the eye socket to the outside of the eye.

Under the Eye (UE) - On the eye socket under the eye.

Under the Nose (UN) - Curved bit just under the nose and above the top lip.

Under the Lip (UL) - Curved bit just above the chin and under the bottom lip. Collarbone (CB) - Known as the K27 point, fleshy part under collar bone in the centre, can be sore to the touch (Google K27 point if unsure) Under the Arm (UA) - Nipple height for men and where the Bra strap is for women. Across the wrist (WR) - Using IF & MF tap all across the wrist junction.

Thumb (TH)- Tapping each side of the nail.

Index Finger (IF) -Tapping each side of the nail.

Middle Finger (MF) -Tapping each side of the nail.

Little Finger (LF) -Tapping each side of the nail. Karate Chop (KC - Used set up statement and tuning in) So take a moment just now and tapping on the KC point tune in to your present issue and start picking up on what the subconscious brings up for you in terms of Size / Colour / Texture / Where in the body you feel it, and the emotion attached to it. Once you've zoned in on it and given it a SUDs number from 0-10 as a starting reference point, do a few rounds of tapping starting from the top and working down for example: (TH) "This Black Anger" >>> (IE) "This Anger" >>> (OE) "This Black Anger in my Heart" (UE) "Black prickly Anger" >>> (UN) "All this Anger"...... Then just follow on through the points. Go for as long as feels right for you but it's usually wise to check in after 2 or 3 full rounds and if the energy is changing shape, colour, size and location during your tapping through the points then simply adjust to what is happening in the NOW as these things will most likely change as you tap and start to release the energy connected to them.

Step Six: Reassess the intensity All we're doing here is really just checking back in with ourselves, nice and easy. Check back in and it can help to just keep tapping on the KC point and see if the intensity has gone down, how the colours changed, where it is in the body, the emotion attached to it, for example, has the anger now turned to sadness, has it moved from the heart to the chest or stomach? Really is just seeing how things have changed from the energetic descriptors the subconscious brought up for you in relation to the issue at hand in the beginning to how they are now after a few rounds of tapping. Step Seven: Subsequent Rounds So you've been tapping and you've gone from a 7/8 out of 10 down to a 3 or a 4 then you simply keep going with some more rounds, no matter where it's at the tapping will release the energy attached to the emotion/pain/memory at hand. Keep going till you reach Zero. If when you've been tapping you've recalled a memory, even if it sounds so totally unrelated, the subconscious has brought this up for a reason because even though it may not stand out in some way or other it's connected and could be the beginning of a stream of memories which will lead you to the very first time you encountered this energy. When these memories present themselves it gives us an amazing opportunity to clear these and the beliefs made at the time of the event that have no option but to play out in our lives in all manner of forms be it people, relationships, situations, it could be number of things. I wholly recommend if memories do start coming up for you getting in touch with me for a consultation as I'll be able to take you far deeper and guide you through using Matrix Reimprinting along with EFT to beautifully and gently deal with the presenting issue and underlying subconscious beliefs completely transforming it into a completely new uplifting, powerful, empowering belief, freeing you of the emotional, mental and physical pain from your past, present & future.

Step Eight: Testing the Results You've done the self-tapping you've worked on your issue and you've taken it from its starting point on the SUDs scale with all the attached energetic descriptors and worked all the way through!!! A MASSIVE round of applause and congratulations. The time though now has come to test "the proofs in the pudding" as they say. One issue can have many different aspects to it so when working with clients, we always go back into memories just incase somethings arisen that wasn't there before. So all we do here is take that original pain or emotion and try to really try to tune back into it, dig deep and try to reconnect and feel it again to clarify that you're definitely down at a zero and there's nothing left to tap through.

The End If you've been as brave as to tap through your issues and face them face on, then I tip tap tip my hat to you, it takes so much strength and inner courage to face those things that cause us pain and upset and while many mask those things and hide from it, YOU'RE facing it full on and taking care of it, taking care of business and loving yourself back to health and happiness. If you're reading this and even go on to use this then please just know you have my deepest thanks and gratitude. Thank you for being you truly. Contact Me @ to book a free consultation

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