How can EFT and Matrix Reimprinting help me? Also will it be scary?

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

EFT and Matrix Reimprinting as a way to free yourself from fears, phobias, physical pains or belief systems that no longer serve you, could not be a less scary process.

In EFT the whole process is to take you away from pain, away from fear not to relive and recreate those feelings and biochemical reactions within our physiology, so is EFT scary just simply put no which is beautiful, however the thought of having to face something and deal with it for many is, but once we're in session then the fear and trauma around any series of events are safely and gently yet extremely effectively taken care of so it no longer has that effect on you it once did, it loses its power and control not only in our awareness but on a much deeper subconscious and even down to the cellular level.

So how do we do it? Very easily and gently really, nothing complicated here and quite beautifully free-flowing as you as the client along with your subconscious (below conscious awareness) leads the way as it knows and remembers far more than we could ever wish to consciously it truly is the world's most powerful supercomputer.

In EFT & Matrix, we are a team and your body the most perfect instrument for healing, we use acupressure akin to acupuncture just without the needles but uses the same energy points 'meridians' to move and release the stored energy within the body even from the cells as they hold memory too.

This is why EFT is commonly referred to as 'Tapping' and we have certain tapping points on our hands, head and upper body which you'll come to learn during your first session and this also includes the 9 Gamut, but that's for another time.

So we start with a "Set Up" phase by which time we'll have talked and got some information on what we're working with and how we're feeling and where the energy is and so on, and we'll do this three times whilst tapping on the "Karate Chop Point" and could be for example "Even though I have this red spikey ball of anger and its in my chest, i completely and truly love honour and accept myself" Now for some people the phrase "Love myself" may be too much for them to say and this can happen for many reasons, just know its okay its all a journey and we have beautiful gentle workarounds.

So we've done the "Set Up" we've tuned into the problem then we simply follow the energy, we chase the pain and sooner or later the wonderful subconscious will bring us up a memory for some its really fast for others it may take some time, everyone's completely different and that is perfect, there is no right or wrong here. So we now have our memory and that's what we work with.

This is where for me I move into Matrix Reimprinting which just blows me away every time i use it, really is just such a wonderful gift. With Matrix we get to heal so incredibly deeply and release ourselves from feelings, beliefs made about us or the world, that are no longer relevant and don't serve our highest good anymore or beliefs we picked up from our environment, community, family influences.

But what we get to do is go back in time to that memory, we go in and visit our younger self who lived and energetically still is living that memory over and over again so we don't have to deal with it consciously in our present day reality, hence why it's stored below the conscious level.

Here the ECHO (Energetic Consciousness Hologram) that's how we refer to that aspect of ourselves in a past time that's holding the energy for us.

Here in the memory we use EFT on the ECHO to bring down the trauma at that moment for the ECHO and reassure them, bring them into a space of being and feeling safe and with all the answers coming from the ECHO we resource them with absolutely anything they needed in that time and this is the beauty of it, there's nothing that you can not do, obviously we do not cause harm to others but we can freeze them in time so they are no longer a threat, put walls up to block them out, move to a different scene, bring in anyone the ECHO wants or needs even if they've passed.

We keep checking in making sure they are okay we want them to be in such a beautiful time and space, so utterly able to cope with any situation to feel just perfect and then we fill ourselves with that wonderful amazing scene we amp up the colours, smells, sounds all these brilliant things all that of which have come from deep within the subconscious from our ECHO and fill every cell in our body with that new revised memory that no longer hinders you and then bring it into our heart centre and blast it out into the farthest reaches of the universe.

The truly magical thing is, as you're doing this work you see the old energy, beliefs that were causing harm just leave them in the present now moment and a renewed, revitalized energy sweep over as the trauma of the past is literally rewritten and made anew. So yes you can't change the past. We don't deny an event or situation ever took place. But what we can do is change how those things of the past affected our lives, we can change the meaning we gave to them in a time where we may not have fully been able to understand. But most importantly and most beautifully we help the ECHO in that time and space who'd been shouldering that pain, cope and deal with it in a way which is perfect for them, giving them peace, comfort and understanding and in turn not only releasing you from the past but freeing all the energy that was being taken from your present-day life and giving you that back to lift you up to a higher, happier more empowered self so you can thrive.

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