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Garret Petrov


Kundalini Reiki Master/Teacher, Medical Reiki Master (Energy Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Complementary & Alternative Medicine), Akashic Soul Profile Readings, QHHT (Quantum Hypnosis Healing Therapy/Past Life Regression Therapy), Bio-energy Clearing & Attunement Facilitator, Forensic Healing Practitioner, Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator, BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing), Light language attunements & upgrades through art and vocal expression.

Garrets Bio:

After a miraculous healing many years ago, I began studying, watching videos and reading books on others who had miraculous healing experiences like mine. This led me to discover that I had the ability to help myself and others in creating life-saving changes on the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual level through transformational energy healing. 


Over the years I have been blessed to be able to learn different modalities that allow me to blend my work into various avenues of healing and transformation for others.  Working daily with each of these modalities, I have been able to help hundreds of individuals around the world to find their healing within themselves which allows them to transform their health, everyday life, as well as their life purpose and path.  


I have come to a place of peace and clarity that creates my every moment.  I am here at this time to create and transform my heart-focused work in helping others find their healing, as well as to help light the paths of those who may need help in finding and owning their divine and personal power.