Tapping Therapy

Tapping Therapy (EFT) Channels Your Energy to Work for You

At EFT Matrix Therapies in Bromsgrove tapping involves a combination of mind treatment as well as theory from Chinese acupressure. By making contact with pressure on specific contact points of the body, as well as working on the mind to refocus itself, the body and nervous system start to reconstruct itself and restore its balance of energy via meridians. Even better, this kind of treatment is available in England UK.
Meridians are channels in the body that are connected to the brain. They can be receptors of external stimuli as well as releases for internal, pent up negative energy. When approach with a tapping technique the mind is engaged on resolving a negative issue at the same time a given meridian is triggered. This in turn allows the mind to start resolving the negative issue and releasing it. The acupressure aspect physically signals the body to begin moving the internal issue outward, creating a calming effect as the mind begins to loosen up essentially and relax.
EFT Tapping Technique For Anxiety 
The worst thing about anxiety or depression or having both at the same time is that there doesn’t seem to be any kind of escape from it when you’re stuck in the throes of a dip. It just seems to keep going without end. The brain literally needs the ability to distract itself from the negative rut it is stuck in so that the mind can begin to find a way out. The brain is amazingly resilient when it’s allowed to be creative. What gets it locked up is an over-flood of negative emotions that can run on their own energy for days. With EFT tapping technique for anxiety, however, the brain is literally distracted from its run to pay attention to a physical trigger. The tapping technique for anxiety focuses on specific pressure points and meridians to move the brain out of its cycle and towards a sense of safety. And once the mind realizes it is safe, it begins to move out of its negative state towards recovery.

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